Ultimate Blog Party Introduction

if you are following from the Ultimate Blog Party
…let me introduce myself.
I’m a Mom of 5 (plus 3 in heaven)
and my husband and I founded a little Catholic apostolate called Arma Dei
We create and produce fun and solidly Catholic books,
paper craft kits and quizzing cards to help celebrate and teach the Catholic Faith.
I Blog Jesus is my attempt at Lectio Divina….entering into the Word of God and setting the stage for personal, private and meaningful prayer.
This is my first and favorite post so far from I Blog Jesus:
Maybe it gives you an idea of what I’m trying to do.
I also would like some guest bloggers…
to share prayerful insights that they receive from Scripture.
I have another blog called Equipping Catholic Families
where I like to post Catholic crafts and activities:
some from our products and others just test-piloted on my own family. 
I try to come up with crafts and activities that require easy-to-find materials…
preferably ones you have in your house already.
Come and follow me!

8 thoughts on “Ultimate Blog Party Introduction

  1. Hi Monica, I found your blog link from Lena's blog JOYfilled family and I'm so happy I came to check it out. I look forward to following your posts to help deepen my faith in Jesus. I thought having a Catholic blog was an original idea a few months back when I started my own. I realized (happily) that there are many women who are inspiring other bloggers about their faith. It's been a blessing to me.

  2. Hi Monica

    So great to meet a fellow Catholic. Visiting from
    UBP and I know its late, but I linked up late and I'm still trying to catch up to reading all the other blogs. I'm #382 on the Christian blogs list.. I'll definitely be following to keep up with your wonderful blog.

    God bless!

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