to Jesus through Mother Mary

Mary, Mother of the Eucharist by Tommy Canning
Mother of the Eucharist by Tommy Canning
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I’m on an official quest to draw closer to Mother Mary. I realized that although I think I know about Our Lady and I have many friends and family with strong devotion to her, I don’t naturally go to her to draw closer to her Son. I have thought of her as the ultimate model for motherhood which is true, but her perfect motherhood (you know, born without sin and all…and raising Jesus, the Son of God) … intimidates me. I found myself wondering how she must see me in my little impatient Mom shoes, getting tired of the continuous demands of our precious little humans and being not so gracious about it.  If it weren’t for her being so perfect, I would think she might be shaking her head, or at least sighing deeply…
But she’s OUR MOTHER! I’ve heard how much she loves us (you and me!) and that she is our Mother ever since Jesus assigned her to us (alongside Apostle John). I’ve heard from others with deep devotion …of her unfailing love for us, gentleness, compassion and her desire to draw us ever closer to her Son.
So I’ve been reading 33 Days to Morning Glory: A Do-It-Yourself Retreat In Preparation for Marian Consecration (I’m on Day 28!) with a little Under the Mantle: Marians Thoughts from a 21st Century Priest on the side…and had some spiritual direction with my favorite priest.

I’m going to keep trying to remember to pray for her help…and learn how to entrust myself completely to her so that she can bring me closer to Jesus.

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  1. Consecrating yourself to Jesus through Mary as you will be doing at the end of 33 Days of Morning Glory is the perfect step in the right direction! I've read it twice myself and every anniversary of the day of my consecration, I reread the consecration and date and sign it as a reminder. I have even asked my guardian angel to remind me when it's that time again! God bless you Monica.

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