a superhero is still a superhero … even without his cape

I don’t think superheroes really need capes.  They have their abilities and they have the confidence that their mission is the mission they were intended to carry out.  They will encounter bad guys.  There will be people who question their motivations and try to bring them down. I just admire them…for their abilities, their dedication, consistency and how they improved the world around them.

Maybe the world doesn’t need superheroes.  The world indulges in dumb celebrities who really add very little value to the society in which they live.   I need superheroes.  I need those who inspire others to be the people they were called to be.  I need those people who know their gifts; are true to their gifts, don’t apologize for their gifts and use their gifts to bring out the best in those around them.  I need those people with extraordinary gifts in different areas of their lives to remind me to be true to the gifts I have, and maybe try to improve on the areas in my life that are weak; to strive for excellence, to seek Jesus in the best way as per my vocation and to get up after every fall.

The cape is just icing on the cake, it’s shiny; it’s just for show.  How can it really help them? Their real abilities shine as they draw a sad person out of his shell or encourage a person who is wavering. Their abilities shine in giving every person the attention that a child of God deserves, for saving the little guy, even when the loud whiny guy is yelling from the bridge. Heck, their abilities shine when they save the loud whiny guy too.  We are reminded to take a moment and listen, even when there are dinners to be made, dishes to be washed and never-ending chores to tackle.  Their abilities shine as they recognize when their gifts are needed; and their ability to stand down when they know it’s someone else’s turn to shine.  They’re not trying to prove their mastery; they’re humility can be the biggest gift that humbles and enlightens others.

Even with their cape wisked away, they still shine.  They will be remembered for what they were…and what the rest of us were when we were around them.

Superheroes are still human with struggles of their own…and there’s always kryptonite.  No one should deliberately flaunt kryptonite.  Any one of us can buckle at the sight of our own particular kryptonite. 
No one is exempt.

Is it wrong to have a superhero?  We are all children of God.  It’s good to admire others while realizing our own potential.  It’s good to have goals to strive towards.  A superhero will never take the place of Jesus and ultimately we’re hopefully all preparing to meet our ultimate Superhero in Jesus…someday.  Sometimes these superheroes set an example for us, pursuing Jesus against the pressure of the world.

It’s good to have known a superhero, even when life is hard missing him.

As for the villain who coasts on the edge of the superhero’s cape.
Someday a jealous wannabe may attempt to strip a kind and virtuous superhero of his cape, to the horror of more people than the villain could ever connect with, in a lifetime.  Don’t like you much, Lex.  Shame on you.

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