The Storm:

Matthew 8:23-27

I am one of the Apostles, with Jesus in the boat, crossing the Sea of Galilee.  I have made this trip many times before and it has always been fairly uneventful.  Jesus is a little tired from talking to the crowds all day and He settles into the stern of the boat to have a little nap.
Suddenly the sky gets dark and the winds and the waves begin to toss the boat.  Many of the other Apostles are experienced fishermen, but even they spring into action and worry that the little boat will be overturned. 
Panic sets in and we can’t believe how soundly Jesus is still sleeping in the boat.
Some of the others are trying to control the sails while others are trying to empty the boat of water, but it keeps pouring in with the rough waves.

I know that Jesus could somehow fix everything just with the command of His Voice.  I rush to Him, grab His shoulder and call His Name.  
He awakes a little startled.
In an instant, Jesus has commanded the winds to stop and the waves to subside. 
All is calm now, but Jesus looks at me, looking a little hurt.

With His Eyes locked on mine, 
He calls me by name.
where is your Faith? 
Why are you afraid?”

Answer Him.

2 thoughts on “The Storm:

  1. This recalls to me a prayer that I found recently which is so beautiful:

    With you Jesus, I cannot perish. You are always in the boat with me; what have I to fear? You may sleep, I shall not awaken You. My poor nature will tremble, oh yes! But with all my will I shall remain in peace in the midst of the storm, confident in You.

    Thanks, Monica. This is a lovely meditation!

  2. OK. I got goose bumps!
    What a lovely idea and beautifully put together. This was actually the whole idea around our kids Christmas presentation this past Dec. The idea that we always think that if the storm doesn't go away then our faith isn't big enough. But what if Jesus was saying have faith in ME and I will protect you THROUGH the storm. There is much to be learned in the storms of life but we are usually to uptight/stressed/scared to see the lessons before us. If we trust Jesus then we can ride the waves of life with a positive attitude, go with God's flow, and learn what it is that God is trying to say to us.
    It gives me Goose Bumps!

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