Good Fruit

I like making “cute” doodles…but it’s not my intention to water down or trivialize the powerful messages of the homilies I am listening to while I doodle.
Talking about the Parable of the Sower on July 10, 2011, Fr Larry cautions us that this message is not an easy one.  We need to do what we do whether we feel like it or not:  if it comes from God, if it is life-giving, if it serves others and brings them closer to Him.

We need to ask ourselves…

Is the Word of God taking root in us?
Are we seeking God’s Will and doing what He wants?
Are we yielding good fruit?

2 thoughts on “Good Fruit

  1. Hi Monica

    I like your doodles and your little meditations are so spot on. I don't think you're trivializing it I think you're just doing a little synopsis of it.. I think its great! Thanks for sharing.

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