Fr Dan Homan, OSB

I pray for the soul of Fr Dan Homan, OSB.
He was my friend, my mentor and my favorite uncle…and superhero to my kids.

As one of the 140 000 ‘kids’ who walked through the doors of St Benedict’s Subiaco Retreat House,
I felt the love of Jesus through Fr Dan. 
He inspired, he taught by example and he loved me.

I love you, Fr Dan and I miss you.

One thought on “Fr Dan Homan, OSB

  1. May He rest in peace and may God comfort you Monica. I am also praying for my priests. Our parish is quite large and we have been fortunate to have 3 priests in residence at two of our three churches.

    One.. Father David has been ailing for some time and has been off active duty for almost a year. Father Leo, our official parish priest is also not well and we suspect that he may retire soon Father George, who heads a Catholic Community which devotes itself to the abortion issue and tries to help unwed mothers, is also ailing. They are all old priests and God knows how much we need priests.

    It is always so sad when we lose one, but I know that they are in His Heavenly Arms reaping the rewards of their earthly sacrifices.

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