The Prompt Me to Pray Prayer

Practicing the Presence of God

I have written about Br Lawrence’s Practice of the Presence of God  before. I think it’s a simple yet profound way to deepen our relationship with  Jesus, do small things with great love like St Therese and to grow in virtue
while we live out our Faith more consciously. I know I’d like to carry out my  vocation as Mom…graciously, with more patience and love, but I inevitably  become unravelled, and caught up in my often self-inflicted pressures of family  life.
The tasks set out for me in my vocation as a Mom, if carried out with love, are supposed to catapult me to holiness! This is the Mom’s School of Holiness.
I get flustered by the needs and demands of my family and the general chaos can be overwhelming. I’d like to carry out all my tasks prayerfully…with grace and patience and gentleness, but I know…and I know my kids would agree….I just can’t pull that off. Cooking, cleaning, training, managing, driving, shopping and never-ending laundry can be tedious, thankless and frustrating. Even if I could get it all done….grace and patience and gentleness slip away pretty fast!
…but I have an idea!

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Prayer from the Heart

Jesus, I want to know Your Truth AND live it. Jesus, I’m so easily distracted, so easily jostled, startled, untethered. Jesus, I worry about so many things.
Jesus, I want to pray. I want my words to be deliberate and heart-felt. I want to say what my heart feels and listen  intently and hear Your Words to me in my heart, with no doubt, no second guessing. I want to be focused and consumed by You and undistracted, unswayed.
I want to know You, bathe in Your Love, directed by Your Priorities and I want to receive Your Love and Your intentions for me, correctly, fully, purely.
I want to brim over with the fire of your Love, uncontained, unfettered, unlimited, unconstrained so that I can only reflect Your Love, enthusiastically and untarnished by human limitations.
I want to see…

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A Peek in my Prayer Journal

Because I long for a

flat on my face,

I surrender,

you are Mine,

ugly cry

come to Jesus


that heals me in an instant, evaporates my insecurity and fears, quiets the voices with way too much clout and explodes in my heart a huge amount of confidence in God’s Love for much that it barely fits and changes me forever.

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