…as Peter,
hours after Jesus’ Crucifixion,
remembering His Words from
John 13:33-38

I remember how Jesus spoke to us before he was taken away and killed. He told us to love one another.
He told us that He was going away,
but we couldn’t come with Him.

I was so full of words, insisting
“I will follow You anywhere”
…so brave…all talk.

Hours later, we were lost sheep without a shepherd, fretting as if He hadn’t told us what was to happen.

Fully expecting that I would betray Him, He still said “you will follow later”.

In my thoughts and in my dreams,
He asks me again “will you lay down your life for Me?”

I have seen Him insulted, beaten, scourged and stumbling as He carried His Cross.  He looked at Me as they crucified Him…as I cowered from a distance.  My sins put Him there…still He returns mercy for my shame, my betrayal.  Deep in my own thoughts, my hesitation, my shame, I’m stirred back to the moment
as He asks me again.

 “Will you lay down your life for Me?” 
He awaits your response…answer Him.

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