Prayer from the Heart

Jesus, I want to know Your Truth AND live it. Jesus, I’m so easily distracted, so easily jostled, startled, untethered. Jesus, I worry about so many things.
Jesus, I want to pray. I want my words to be deliberate and heart-felt. I want to say what my heart feels and listen  intently and hear Your Words to me in my heart, with no doubt, no second guessing. I want to be focused and consumed by You and undistracted, unswayed.
I want to know You, bathe in Your Love, directed by Your Priorities and I want to receive Your Love and Your intentions for me, correctly, fully, purely.
I want to brim over with the fire of your Love, uncontained, unfettered, unlimited, unconstrained so that I can only reflect Your Love, enthusiastically and untarnished by human limitations.
I want to see and think clearly, without muddying Your message to me, and to those around me.
I want to use the creative gifts You have given me to serve You and draw closer to You and to lead others to pursue You as You desire. I want to fulfil my vocation to the best of my abilities, recognizing but not giving in to my failings, offering up the little chores, the monotony and the little annoyances, frustrations and worries, surrendering my will and my lack of control, my pride for Your Greater Glory.
I want to pray. I want to express the yearning of my heart, to remain undistracted but focused on You. I want to connect with You, feeling Your unconditional Love, a love that is impossible for humans, only possible for God, loving me as if I was the only human, loving me incessantly despite my faults and failings, loving me without hesitation or requirements, expectations or conditions. Loving me because You have made me worthy through Your Suffering, for me, when no one except You could have even known I would exist.
Jesus, I don’t want to get distracted by the meaningless details. I don’t want to be preoccupied with menial concerns.
I want to pray, giving Glory to You, recognizing my weakness…and my only strength in You, through You, by You.
I want to cleanse the corners of my soul, I want to be open to Your Will ever trusting that You will only expect of me, ask of me, what I can truly handle. That You know what’s best for me, You only want what is best for me and for my salvation.
I want to be a good wife, mother, daughter, friend. Jesus, I love You. I’m a afraid to be put to the test, because I know How weak I am. I know. I’m scared Jesus because I don’t expect that I can measure up. I know I don’t deserve Your Love. I’m as flaky as anyone. I’m selfish. I’m weak. I’m distracted and overwhelmed. I worry. I don’t trust. I need You. I need  constant reminders to pray, to focus, to offer up my will for Yours, to ask, to beg for Your pardon, Your Mercy and Your Help for every breath, every step, every worry.
Jesus, I choose to trust in You but I need constant reminders to recommit.
To trust. To serve, to surrender my pride, my attempt to control. Jesus, I love You.
Let me feel Your Love.

Daytimer Prayer

Sometimes I have resorted to Lenten resolutions or gimmicks to get myself back on track in my prayer life.
(More about prayer gimmicks to come in future posts!) 
With a particularly bumpy start…it looks like this Lent is going to be one of those times.

Read about how a dollar store daytimer is going to jumpstart my prayer life this Lent

Prayer Doodling

Every couple of months it seems, I am looking for a new way to refocus and re-commit to some serious prayertime.  Sometimes I have to resort to a ‘to do’ list /checklist to try to get back on track and return to the habit of real prayer…every day!

It has always helped me to write down prayer, because it’s deliberate, recorded and it feeds my need to feel productive.  It probably isn’t the best motivation, but I figure if it gets me praying consistently, it’s ok!

A few years ago, I picked up this book called Praying in Color
by Sybil MacBeth. 
You can find it in my Amazon carousel in the left margin of this blog. 
I’m curious to find out if anyone will really order through my blog…if so, thank-you!
I just recently discovered her website, where you can check out her book and her technique of Praying in Color.  I don’t think the author is Catholic, but she has a nice writing style, I can relate to her obstacles in prayer and I think it’s just the creative jumpstart I need to get refocused.

I have been praying this way consistently for a little while
and I plan to post some of my prayer doodles. 
I have also returned to writing my prayer in a separate notebook, and I think it’s helping me to refocus! 
I deliberately record people I am praying for, by one initial only, to protect privacy…both in my sketchbook and on this blog.

Sketchbooks and journals are somewhat sacred in our house…no one needs to snoop in someone else’s sketchbook!…It’s a good thing that Kelly doesn’t seem to mind sharing her sketchbooks (not notebooks) because Kelly’s Comics are awesome! 

Knowing that I may post some of my finished prayer doodles, I’m sure it’s making me edit them a little, but I think there might be others out there who might be inspired to do their own prayer doodles…so it’s worth it.

Let me know if you have a prayer doodle
you would like to scan and share! 
I will set up a linky…
Watch for a new prayer doodle button coming soon!