Prince of Peace and Heaven is for Real

I just read this book…Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo about his 4 year old son who visited heaven during an emergency appendectomy.
Within the book, I read about this young artist  Akiane Kramarik, who painted this portrait of Jesus when she was only 8 years old.  Wow.
Both Colton (the child in the book) and Akiane have received visions of Jesus…
and they agree that this is who they saw.

Doubting Thomas and the Divine Mercy!

“Peace be with you.”
… do not be unbelieving, but believing.”
I find it curious that we always hear about “Doubting Thomas”
on this Divine Mercy Sunday Gospel…
…the Apostle who was not at the right place at the right time.
Imagine being remembered as the Apostle who doubted Jesus’ Resurrection!
He required proof.  How human of Thomas…do we see ourselves in him?
With Mercy from Jesus, he is shown the proof of Jesus’ Wounds
and he exclaims for all of us…
“My Lord and my God!”
Blessed John Paul the Great, pray for us!