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“Send Me Your Guardian Angel” {Book Badge Review}

The friendly and simple presentation of Padre Pio’s Guardian Angel’s presence in his life is profound, refreshing and inspiring. It challenges us to better acquaint ourselves with our own Guardian Angel and to take advantage of the help that they are delighted to offer us.
Padre Pio’s Guardian Angel was a…
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on my Book Badge Review & Doodle Bucket List!

I would very much like to do a Book Badge Review / Doodle Summary of this book,
God’s Heart for You by Holley Gerth!
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Here is a short excerpt from the book, but it’s not enough!
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but you’ll probably want Holley’s book too.
Jesus answers that call of our hearts…
He says to the little girl, “I want you on my team.
I even have a special position and purpose for you.”
He says to the woman at the party, “I think you’re beautiful.
I want to know you and be with you.”
He says to the older woman, “I place great worth on your life.
 I see you and I hear you.”
And He says to you,
“I choose you, just as you are, and I love you more than you can imagine.”

God wants my heart

Listening to a homily by Fr Roger (Aug 14),
I heard about the ONE thing that God wants: 
God wants my heart. 
Here’s my prayer doodle:
I hope I get this right. =)
My heart is the core sanctuary of my will, my personality, my values,
my motivations, my desires and my dreams.
There are 3 important ways to give God our hearts.
1. The Practice of the Presence of God.  I have just read this book again.  It’s a great little book of letters by Brother Lawrence, a humble monk who was in constant conversation with God throughout all of his daily duties.  He was able to have the same tranquility in the chaos of the kitchen as he did in front of the Blessed Sacrament and believed that every task he did, no matter how small, gave glory to God if he carried it out with great love.  Sounds like St Therese!
2. Practice Abandonment to Divine Providence.  This is also a book…but I don’t have it yet! 
We are reminded that we need to completely surrender: continually abandoning our will in favor of God’s Will for us.
3. Practice doing the Duty of the Moment.  We are reminded that we are meant to serve God in our own vocations.  He doesn’t expect heroic deeds from us, but He expects us to do the little things that we are called to do…and to do them well for love of God.  This was what Brother Lawrence did too.
Ultimately, we need a personal relationship with God.  He wants to share His Divine Love.  He wants us to draw closer to Him, through prayer from the heart and service to others out of love for Him.